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We’re BOMB HQ - an explosive full-service marketing agency specialising in a range of digital services from web design and mobile apps to social media content creation and management, right down to search engine marketing and ecommerce.


Responsive Web Design

Explosive website design and development across any device, from desktop to feature phone.

Social Media

Let us manage your profiles and pages, create awesome content and make them go BOOM!

Digital Campaigns

Grab the attention and reach your exact target market and with creative digital campaigns.

Search Engine Marketing

PPC, GDN and other acronyms which mean bigger reach and more traffic to your website.

Content Creation

Prefer to self manage your pages? We can simply create your content too, from video to blogs.


Thinking about taking your business online? Chat to us – we’ve got your covered from consultation to creation!

It’s a battlefield out there. Trust us – we know.

Traditional warfare dictates that to be effective, one must blend into their surroundings. We go against that by ensuring you stand out and be noticed. Check out some of the shrapnel from our recent work below.

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These are just a few of our more recent projects. If you are looking for something more specific, give us a call and we will arrange a showcase.


About us

We’re a good bunch here at BOMB HQ. We like playing with Lego. And drinking beer. Sometimes even at the same time – we feel it aids our creative process. With a collective 20 years in the design and marketing industry, BOMB HQ was founded with one simple objective – to be “everyman’s digital marketing agency”. Every business deserves a marketing partner, regardless how small it is. And we’d like to be that partner.

Our team of creatives relish the challenge of thinking outside the box, and have working experience across industries. Think of us then, as creative mercenaries - a troop of creative guns for hire.

2 parts Caffeine, 1 part BOOM!

We don’t want to light our own fuse or anything, but we really are stalwarts on this battlefield we call creativity.

Get is touch with us today and let us help you drop your next marketing bomb!

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